How to reach us:

Rimini North exit towards the sea, once reached, turn right dir. rimini.
We are 200 meters on the right path in somalia, 8.

Paris hotels
somalia street, 8
47812 - Torre Pedrera di Rimini, Italy
tel (0039) 0541 720233
ab tel. (oo39) 625 790 0541
cell. (0039) 334 515 1959 94 32966-334

email: info@parisrimini.it



Some information about our city

The origins of the name Torre Pedrera.

Torre Pedrera owes its name to two elements. The first is the old tower built in 1673 at the behest of the Papal States. This tower had defensive purposes maritime pirate attacks Saracens and Turks that throughout the modern age were the order of the day on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic, despite the heavy defeat suffered by the Ottomans against the Christian forces at Lepanto (1571 ). The second is the small river "Pedriera", so named because the locals there collecting stones to build their humble homes.

Torre Pedrera today.

Today the town is bordered to the north Igea Marina, is the northernmost village of Rimini. Its beach is divided into 20 bathing establishments equipped for all sport activities, animation and entertainment for children and adults: it goes from baby all'aquagym park, the group dances, aerobics to gymnastics. Torre Pedrera is also a place called "sport". I am here, in fact, tennis courts, ice skating, soccer, beach volleyball courts, a swimming school, a sailing club and a sailing and windsurfing, while in the nearby Igea there is a large green area of the park with Mulberry its jogging trails, and beach east of the Pole, the scene of many important sporting events.